Monday, February 2, 2015

girls night vs. guys night

We had so much fun Saturday night. We have an awesome group of friends that live locally. Really my husband has some awesome guy friends that have accepted me into their group who now have some really wonderful wives! I seriously feel so lucky and blessed to have these people especially these women in my life! We are all newlyweds or soon to be! It helps having us all at the same stage in life together. We are all happy with our careers, newly married, young couples. Us wives have a little pact going on to start trying to have babies this time next year. We would all love to be pregnant together and you can really time and plan babies like that. (right??) We all know it's a plan that might be difficult to accomplish but it's fun to talk about! Surprisingly all of our husbands are on board :) far!

So Saturday night we decided it was very necessary to have a guy night and girls night. Guys would be coming to our house and the girls to another couples home. We decided to make it a true girls night and dress down wearing sweats and sweatshirts and bring lots of food and wine. And boy we outdid ourselves. It was so nice to be comfy and cozy with all the girls. We had SO much food. I made chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pineapple, and pretzels. My friend made cheese fondue with chicken, potatoes, crackers, and pretzels. Amazing! It was so fun chatting with the girls, talking about life, and being silly about future baby plans. Lots of laughter, story telling, and dancing happened! The guys played poker at our house and in true men's fashion had pizza and beer. We all reconvened back at our house to end the night together!

xo, Mrs. Slem

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