Tuesday, March 10, 2015

it's the little things

My husband left for a work trip in Alabama yesterday. It's our first time being apart since we got married! He will only be gone for 2 nights but it seems like forever! I don't know how people with spouses who travel for work or are in the military do it! Just this brief period of time has made me miss him and appreciate him so much. I think I even missed him stealing the covers last night and talking in his sleep. It's the little things that I find comfort in knowing he's right there.

It usually drives me crazy how much of a morning person he is. I'd love to snooze my alarm 4-5 times and stay cozy and in bed for as long as possible. He likes to jump up immediately and get his day started. Since he is up and about he usually takes care of the pups and gets ready for work before me so I have the bathroom to myself once I pull myself from bed. I missed this little routine this morning but especially missed his bubbly self to start out my day. He's usually so chipper and makes me laugh at least once before we leave for work. It's the little things he does that makes me laugh.

Our nightly routine is to cook dinner together with the music on and sometimes dance around, cuddle up on the couch, watch our shows, and talk about life. My night tonight consisted of me chasing after our puppy in our muddy backyard in the rain because she was having way too much fun and refused to come in when I called. Then I spent a couple hundred $ on hotel rooms for the weddings we have this year... 6 so far! I ended these shenanigans with dinner...baked beans and a coke. Needless to say, it's time for my guy to get back home! It's the little moments we share together that I will always cherish.

It's the little things...

xo, Mrs. Slem


  1. Awww, this post really resonates with me so much - my husband and I hate being apart for the same reason... I just like knowing he's next to me. Sadly, I have to be out of town two nights next week, and I just want to take him with me, lol... Enjoy the homecoming!! :)

  2. In our house, I am usually the first one up. My husband is the one who hits the snooze button 4-5 times. Lol.

  3. Awww, this is so sweet. It still feels weird to me to go to bed without my husband there on the days he words night, even after all of these years. Hope you have a great reunion when he gets home. :)

  4. Aww you're too cute!! I love to see couples who genuinely like each other and love spending time together. And believe me- I totally get your feelings on the distance thing. My fiancé travels for work from time to time and sometimes he's gone for two-week periods! Absolutely hated it at first. Missed him so much. Now I still miss him and yes, it's definitely hard, but there's also a piece of me that loves using that time apart to focus on so many things that I don't get to focus on when we're together. Best of luck to you both!!



  5. Great post! I would not like to have a husband that travels! I have been living with mine for 6 years and we seriously have only been apart for like a total of three nights...ever!! I am always like "I want some alone time" but every time I have it I am like "Ehh I don't know what to do with myself!" Which is weird because I always LOVED being alone! It is amazing to see how love changes us! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a better weekend!


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