Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a great weekend. Our weekend was perfect!! I'm pooped and am already cuddled up on the couch with my sweet husband and a cup of tea. On Saturday we went to Millersville University where Scott went to college. He had an Alumni baseball day. It was FREEZING! Whenever we go it's always so windy. But we really froze our tushes off watching a double header. We were able to sneak away and get the BEST cheese steak subs ever. Literally the best. We could eat the bread they make it on for every single meal. We always get extra bread so we can have leftovers. It never lasts long!

I swear my husband loves it when I ask him to take a ton of pictures for me!

Saturday night we went out with a huge group of friends and family to watch the basketball games. Well, really all the guys wanted to watch and it gave us wives and cousins a chance to catch up. Unfortunately, Scott ate something that didn't settle with him and he was sick all night :( He was a trooper when it came to Easter Sunday.

Sunday we started with Mass at our beautiful church. I'm so happy that we found and belong to St. Marks. The energy of this parish is so beautiful. I almost want to start dancing every Sunday when we're singing. I really want to get more involved. I was always so involved growing up. I need to make more time now that we are part of this congregation to do more.

Then we went to Scott's grandfathers for lunch. They have a Polish tradition of eating kielbasa and noodle soup. His grandfather makes it every year for Christmas and Easter. We did a little Easter egg hunt until my sister in-love and I got chilly. So we came inside and took goofy pictures.

Then we came home and the rest of our family arrived for dinner. We asked to host this year. I love having people over and having big parties. We got to use our fancy schmancy wedding china! We had about 15 people. Everyone brought food so we were just in charge of cleaning, prep., and cleaning up! Best way to host if you ask me!!

Easter Outfit!

xo, Mrs. Slem

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