Thursday, April 9, 2015

surprise date night with an adventurous twist

This is what happens when I plan a date night...things just get a little ridiculous. Scott and I rarely have date nights. We'd much rather save money and stay in. I don't know if we have ever had a date night mid week! This all started when I was chatting with my bestie Gianna during work. She couldn't figure out what to make for dinner so we began throwing around recipe ideas. She found a recipe for Bang Bang Chicken. She sent it to me. It sounds amazing by the way. I will surely be making it and I will definitely share the recipe on here! Anyway, she said it was supposed to be the same sauce that they use at Bonefish for their Bang Bang Shrimp. Scott has been talking about these darn Bang Bang Shrimp for years. I had gone to Bonefish a few times but hadn't been in years. So I went online made a reservation and found a $10 off coupon. Thanks Bonefish!! I texted Scott and told him I had a surprise for him and that he needed to be ready by 6:30. Not that we needed an excuse but he had just gotten a raise at work and I have just recently accepted a position for a new job! It was time to celebrate.

Scott is the WORST at surprises. He always has to know everything that's going on. Which is why I love torturing with surprises. He immediately became antsy. He was texting me all day. As soon as he got home from work the questions began. Obviously, I didn't tell him anything. I love it when he gets antsy because it turns the surprise into a much bigger ordeal than it really is. So finally he was basically pushing me out the door at 6:30. We got in the car. I made him take ridiculous pictures. And then to his embarrassment I pulled out a blindfold. He was horrified and kept tilting his eat back because he didn't want anyone seeing him driving around in a car blindfolded. I, of course, got the biggest kick out of this.

Then the guessing began. "Did you buy me a corvette?!" (our favorite car that we both hope we will one day own and fight over) "I think I know where we are." I just kept telling him to hush. We pulled up in front of the restaurant and I told him to take off his blindfold. He looks around and says, "So, we're at the mall.." Yep hun, I made you do some ridiculous, goofy, shenanigans, all for a dinner date! He was cracking up (as you can see in the pictures) at how goofy my whole plan was. What can I say... I'm a natural at this date night thing!

We had an amazing dinner. We got some drinks, ate the famous Bang Bang Shrimp (highly recommend!), Scott got the wood-grilled Rainbow Trout, and I got Blackened Baja Street Tacos. We had such a sweet waitress that knew Scott's mom. She was adorable and congratulated us on getting married and said how beautiful all our pictures were from that day!


Thanks for coming on our date night with us! 

yours truly

xo, Mrs. Slem

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